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No one likes to talk about legal stuff, even lawyers want to get paid for it, but it is good to know exactly what you can expect from us and what we expect from you.

A booking is considered to be made when the mail form on our contact page is filled out completely (check the box “Book now”), and a 10% deposit has been received by us.
After sending in the mail form you will receive an email with all necessary information.

There is no “minimum number of participants”. The moment a tour has been booked it will be executed. Even with only 1 participant.
In our opinion it is absolutely ridiculous that your vacation could be canceled a few weeks before departure simply because there are not enough participants.

6 weeks before the start date of the tour you must have paid the entire tour price.

The moment your tour booking is confirmed, you should book your flight to Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia. The flight is not included in the tour package.
The arrival date should be the same as the tour start date, before 6 pm (18:00 hours).
If your fight arrives later, book it for a day earlier. If you cannot arrive on that date, let us know at least a week before you arrive so we can make other arrangements.
You should always actualize your arrival date, time, departure airport and flight number well in advance.

Upon arrival on the tour date, you will be picked up from the airport by someone who has a clearly visible sign with our logo. Depending on the arrival time you will either go directly to our hotel in Samaipata, or, if it is late in the evening, you will spend one night in Santa Cruz and go the next day to Samaipata. This next day will then be day 1 of the tour.

The tour package includes the following: Hotels, 3 meals a day, motorcycle, fuel, museum and other entrance & tour fees, road taxes & tolls, ferries, multi-lingual guide (on motorcycle), transfers from and to airport, support vehicle with spare parts & mechanic.
Hotel rooms are on the base of double occupancy. Single participants will share a room with others. If you prefer a single room let us know and we will see what we can arrange.

The following is not included in the tour package: International flight, alcoholic drinks, personal items, drinks and snacks, bike gear.

The motorcycle has a basic liability insurance called SOAT. This covers only medical costs. This SOAT also covers your medical bills, but only in Bolivia and only standard care.
Therefore it is highly advisable that you have a travel insurance that covers your medical emergencies and more, such as WorldNomads or Square Mouth. Click the banner on the right or visit our links page.
As stated before, material damage is not covered.  Material damage that is not the riders fault will be the responsibility of Bolivia Motorcycle Adventures. All other damage, including consequential damage is the responsibility of the rider.

If you have purchased the advised travel insurance, a cancellation clause, that covers 100% of your expenses, is included in case of sickness or worse. A cancelation from our side due to bankruptcy or other financial inability is also covered.

Responsibility declaration
Before you receive your motorcycle you must sign a responsibility declaration in which you agree that Bolivia Motorcycle Adventures cannot be hold responsible for any accidents, illnesses, loss of luggage, theft or damage to goods.

Legal requirements
All participants must have:
– A valid driving license, preferable an international one. This does not apply to passengers.
– A passport that upon entering Bolivia is still at least 6 months valid.
– Vaccination certificate against Yellow Fever.
– Tourists from certain countries need a tourist visa. If you are unsure, ask us.

There is no need for anti malaria drugs except on the Amazonia Tour.
Some people (10 to 20%) may experience symptoms of altitude sickness when we go above 3.500m. This varies from mild headache to nausea and sleeplessness. Altitude sickness has no connection to physical health or experience, but slow acclimatization is the key to prevent it.
The Mission Impossible tour go well over 5.000m (16.500ft), but generally there is no cause for alarm. Drink lots of fluids, especially coca tea and tell the guide if you suspect you are experiencing symptoms.
Please inform us if you are taking regular medication, use medical devices or all “to know” information.
The main guide is medically trained and holder of pre hospital emergency certificates. Recommendations, venous access, arterial pressure, pulse oximeter, basic and emergency drugs, procedures and emergency equipment (spinal table, stifneck). Medicaments against altitude sickness, snake bite serums. Constant evolution…
Rear guide is First Aid trained.

Safety and Security
Bolivia is large and scarcely populated outside the big cities. We will be in remote areas where the nearest emergency service is several days away, if it is available at all.
For this reason the tour leader caries an PLB (Personal Location Beacon) registered at the IERCC (International Emergency Response Coordination Center)
Both guides (lead-guide on motorbike and support vehicle chauffeur) also carry a satellite communicator and a two way radio because mobile phones do not have coverage in many large areas.

The support vehicle has space for one piece of soft luggage, maximum 60 liters, weighing no more than 20kg per participant.
Excessive luggage will have to be carried in the trailer, were it can get wet and dirty.


Bolivia is a developing country, but compared to many other South American countries, it still is the Wild West. That makes it such a great place to ride a bike, but it can also cause some inconvenience. Roads can be blocked or washed away and bridges can have collapsed. This means we all need to be flexible and prepared to adjust our plans or route if necessary.
Remember: It is a motorcycle adventure.

The motorcycle is yours for the duration of the tour. But… you are not allowed to just “wander off” on your own. If you want to do some exploring that is fine, but arrange it with the guides so they always knows where you are.
After all they are responsible for you…. and the rest of the group.

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