“If Bolivia would be located in USA or Europe, then the whole country would be a National Park!.

Michael M.

Custom tour, January 2022

How does it work?

It all starts with you deciding which tour you want to ride on. To help you with that decision we prepared a description of all our tours at the task bar and added relevant weather info.

After you have made your choice, you can send us an e-mail using the mail form on the contact page or directly to our  email: info@boliviamotorcycleadeventures.com telling us which tour you are interested in and we will start the preparations. You will get an answer with more detailed information/ next steps/ payment info.

To book the tour you need to make a non-refundable down payment of 10% of the tour price. This can be done by bank transfer. The total payment must be made 6 weeks before the start of the tour. Bank info: payment page.

After you have received the booking confirmation for the tour, the next step will be to book a flight to Viru-Viru (VVI) airport in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia. Your arrival date should be the same as the day the tour starts, as well as the return flight, unless you want to spend some exploring time before/ after the tour.
There are direct flights to Viru-Viru airport (VVI), Santa Cruz, Bolivia and all offer a Piece Concept with 2 x 23 kg luggage:

  • From Miami with BOA (Boliviana de Aviación) and American Airlines
  • From Madrid with BOA and Air Europa

You also should arrange a travel-insurance for Bolivia with so called “adrenaline coverage”. This covers mountaineering, parachute jumping and… motorcycle riding. If you have trouble finding one, check out  Squaremouth.com  or  World Nomads.com.

Notice the official white and blue airport taxis

On your arrival, you will be picked up from the airport by one of us with a sign with the logo of Bolivia Motorcycle Adventures.
Depending on the arrival time you go directly to our base in Samaipata (120km/ 2,5h) or could spend one night in Santa Cruz. If you spend the night in Santa Cruz the following day will be Day 1.
In case you arrived earlier for exploring purposes, we can make arrangements for you to be picked up or you can simply appear at the hotel we will have arranged.

On Day 2 of the tour we normally start with the administrative parts and a tour briefing in which we inform you about the traffic rules of Bolivia, safely riding, our route and all other things you need to know about the tour. Adventures riding and safely riding at all time is our main concern.

Before you receive your motorcycle you must sign a tour contract and a responsibility declaration.
After the administrative part and the briefing you will get to know your tour bike and we will go for a small ride.

Note that we only provide you with a motorcycle. You need to bring your own bike gear. A helmet is of course obligated. Boots, pants, jacket, gloves, balaclava, etc. are required as well as a daypack for your daily needs. We could rent bike gear to participants who has arrived without. Our stock is limited.

The next day we will set off for real.

Unless specifically mentioned otherwise, we spend the nights in tourist-class hotels. We are always trying to maintain certain comfort standards, like clean rooms, private bathrooms or hot showers, but every hotel on our tour route offers different standards and sometimes there is only one option. All of the hotels we stay in are long-time approved by BMA.

The same goes for the restaurants. 3x meals/ day is included and will generally be very tasty, but again sometimes there just are no tourist-class restaurants in the area.

The multi-language speaking, lead guide usually rides up front. At the rear comes the 4WD support vehicle, driven by the second guide/ mechanic, carrying tools, spare parts, medical material and for some tours also a spare bike.

If – for whatever reason – you can’t/ don’t want to go on, you and your bike will be picked up by the assistance vehicle. If you have a flat tire or another technical problem, just wait for the support car so that the mechanic can fix your bike immediately.

The front guide is medically trained (Holder of pre-hospital PHTLS- and ACLS emergency certificates) and the rear guide has First-Aid knowledge. All medical equipment is carried either with the front guide or in the assistance vehicle: Venous access, arterial pressure, pulse oximetry, basic and emergency medicine, emergency procedures and equipment (spinal board, stiff-neck), medicine against altitude sickness, snake bite serums. BMA is the only bike and 4WD tour operator in Bolivia who offers this service.

The main guide speaks 5 languages. During the entire tour we try to respond to each rider in the group individually. This is why our groups are never larger than 6 people, unless it is a custom group booking.
After several days of spectacular riding, new experiences, fun and adventures, we will return to our base in Samaipata.

The next day we will head to Santa Cruz and there will be a farewell dinner on our last evening together.
On the last day we say goodbye and the arranged taxi will bring you from the hotel to the airport.                                                                                            Then we hope to see you again for a next motorbike adventure…

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