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So... how much of all this is real and how much is just smooth-talk to sell tours?
To give you an answer to that question we have created this section of our web. A place where our clients can share their experiences with you.
To authenticate a reference or report, just ask us for the contact info of the person that wrote it
(Naturally we can't put this on-line) and you can talk or write to him/her yourself.
Tour  /  Source
Highlander I  16-04-2011
Mike Moora, Anchorage, USA
Highlander I   16-04-2011
Mike Moora, Anchorage, USA
Trip report
The Death Road
Maarten Munnik
German magazine BMA
Mathias Hurst
Highlander 2  3-10-2012
Frank Mercer
Trip report
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Private tour   Januari 2012
Bert Supér
Photo Album
Change language
Ken Freund
Motorcyclist magazine  7-2013
Accelerate Magazine    4-2013
Ken Freund
Photo Album  Wild Wild West 2015
Photo Album
Selma de Wit
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