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Ernesto Ché Guevara
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A tour dedicated to the famous revolutionary Ernesto Che Guevara, who died while trying to start a revolution in Bolivia in 1967.

Day 1.  Airport pickup at Viru viru, Santa Cruz  (alt. 400 mtr.)
We pick you up at the airport of Santa Cruz, Bolivia from where we drive to the small town Samaipata (120 km). There we check into a comfortable hotel and spend the rest of the day to relax and rest from the flight.  If your flight arrives late, we will spend the night in Santa Cruz. In that case the following day is considered day 1.

Day 2.  Samaipata   (alt. 1,600 mtr.)
We start with a "briefing" where we learn more about our route and about each other. Then it is time to meet your bike. To get used to the bike we go for a ride to the archeological site "El Fuerte" which is 5 km on tarmac and 5 km on dirt.  There you will hear everything about the Incas you ever wanted to know but were afraid to ask.  We'll also pass by some Che Guevara spots like the old Samaipata police-station they attacked. Back in town we prepare for the start of our adventure the next day, have a nice dinner and turn in early.

Day 3. To Camiri  (alt. 400 mtr.)  340 km, 30% offroad
In the morning we leave Samaipata at first on asphalt, but soon we leave that behind us as we cross the "codo de los Andes" to Rio Seco Florida.  Back on a more smooth road- surface we continue to Ipita where we spend the night. The road we followed is more or less the route Che followed, but then in opposite direction.

Day 4.  To Monteagudo,  via Lagunillas, the guerilla camp   160 km, 90% offroad
We continue our route to Lagunillas, the place where the guerilla camp was located.  After visiting this we move on to Muyupampa and then to Monteagudo where we spend the night.

Day 5. To Villa Serrano 120 km, 100% offroad
Following dusty gravel roads across wild scenery we continue to Villa Serrano, the town where, according to those who live there, the charango was invented.  We visit a traditional charango factory and if we are lucky we can see the largest charango on earth.

Day 6. To La Higuera, Che's last days 120 km, 100% offroad
Today we cross the Rio Grande and have a picnic lunch on the suspension bridge across this mighty river.  If the water level is not to high we can even go for a swim. At the end of the afternoon we arrive in la Higuera, the place where Che met his fate.  We visit the school building in which he was executed and with luck talk to eye witnesses of the events now some 40 years ago. Of course we hear the entire story during a candle-light dinner.

Day 7. To Samaipata, via Vallegrande, Che's grave 180 km, 40% offroad
Via the small mountain town Pucara, we reach Vallegrande where the lifeless body of Che was presented to the world.  We visit the laundry-tables where he was displayed and the place where he was secretly buried for almost exactly 30 years. He now rests in his beloved Cuba.  After lunch we head to Samaipata where we will arrive some 2 hours later.

Day 8 To Santa Cruz
We leave our bikes behind and set off for Santa Cruz where you can do some last minute souvenir shopping and enjoy Brazilian churasquero and Oriental cuisine.

Day 9. To the airport.
We bring you to the airport, help you with the check-in and as you walk through customs we say goodbye. Hopefully we will meet again.

Casa El Barquito, Camino a San del Rosario, Barrio Arriba, Samaipata, Santa Cruz,  BOLIVIA
Phone: 00591-67777277 / 00591-3-944-6716.     
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